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LMC (Laser Methane Copter) is a simple solution for short-term aerial inspections of gas infrastructure that can be used as a hand-held device.

LMC features
  • Can be installed on any copter;
  • Records inspection data in the device memory;
  • Detection distance up to 98 feet (30 meters);
  • Can be used as a handheld device;
  • Built-in GPS receiver for accurate leak location;
  • Suitable for regular inspections of gas distribution station.
Only for DJI M600/210
LMC DL is a small detector equipped with the online data transmission system integrated into the drone control unit.

LMC DL features
  • Only for DJI Matrice M600/M210;
  • Real-time data transmission to the control panel;
  • Detection distance up to 98 feet (30 meters);
  • Automatic scanning of the area at given points;
  • Built-in GPS receiver for accurate leak location;
  • Ideal for inspection of areal facilities.

The lightest
Falcon is the smallest detector in the LMC line. Can be installed on any UAV, even the most compact.

Falcon features
  • Light weight, only 0,66 lb (300 g);
  • Writing data to an SD card;
  • Detection distance up to 98 feet (30 meters);
  • Quick installation and startup;
  • Moisture-proof housing;
  • Easy to control.

It's all about wings
LMF is a remote laser detector designed for installation on aircraft-type unmanned aerial vehicles.

LMF features
  • Can be installed on any UAV capable of flying at a speed of up to 62 mph (100 km/h);
  • Data transfer during flight + writing to device memory;
  • Detection distance up to 328 feet (100 meters);
  • Autopilot mode at a given route;
  • Built-in GPS receiver for accurate leak location;
  • The best solution for long pipeline inspections.
Flagship model
ALMA G4 is a high-performance automatic methane detector of the latest generation designed for installation on heavy UAVs.

ALMA G4 features
  • Versatile mount;
  • Real-time data transmission to the control panel;
  • Detection distance up to 492 feet (150 meters);
  • Drafting automatic report after inspection;
  • Built-in GPS receiver for accurate leak location;
  • The best solution for long-term inspections on drones with an internal combustion engine.
New opportunities: Real-time methane monitoring with the lightweight Laser Falcon on UAV

UgCS SkyHub is now available for use with Laser Falcon to see real-time readings while surveying pipelines, landfills and more!

View the UgCS Webinar | Drone-based Methane (CH4) monitoring with UgCS.
Summary UAV comparison table
Progressive GLD Solutions
UAV detectors advantages
Always at hand
Launching a drone with a methane detector installed on it does not require long preparation. The simplest LMC modifications can be prepared for launch in seven minutes. This allows for unscheduled and emergency inspections.
No extra costs
LMC detectors allow inspection of small gas transmission or gas distribution facilities independently, without the involvement of third-party specialists from service companies.
Any tasks
The choice from 5 models of detectors of this series allows selecting the most suitable option for solving a specific problem in the field of methane leak detection: from local daily checks to inspection of gas pipelines.
useful for
Gas Storage
Transportation Gas Pipeline
Underground Gas Storage


Transportation Gas Pipeline

Honest answers to important questions
Can a methane detector detect other gases?
No, each device is designed to detect a specific gas. This provides a 100% probability of leak detection of methane and not any other gas.
Is laser radiation hazardous to the eyes?
Laser radiation is completely safe, it corresponds to class 1.
Does the remote laser detector work at night, in rain, fog and snowfall?
Yes. It is an active device, it emits at a certain narrow wavelength, so it does not need additional signal sources.
Do I need to calibrate detectors before commissioning?
No. The detector contains a reference container with methane inside and calibration is performed at each start-up and during operation.
How often do detectors need to be verified?
The detector does not need to be verified because it is not a measuring tool.
Why is a laser detector better than a common sniffer?
It works remotely. There is no direct contact with the hazardous environment.
Can the detector detect methane through glass?
Yes, because glass transmits the near infrared radiation well.
Is the UAV included in the complex delivery set?
Our company specializes in methane detectors, but at your request we can supply a fully ready-to-use complex. Due to our partnership with UAV manufacturers, we can fully integrate the detector into the UAV design.
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