Pergam Falcon Methane Sensor Integrated with DJI M300 Drone

June 15, 2021 - Riga, Latvia - SPH Engineering extends the range of integration opportunities for the DJI M300 drone. The recent ‘drone+sensor’ integration introduces a methane detection capability and continues proven integrations of the Pergam Falcon methane sensor with DJI drones: M600 and M210.

Laser Falcon Methane Detector for UAV Integration

The solution consists of UgCS Software, SkyHub, Pergam Falcon methane sensor, and DJI M300 drone. SkyHub records methane measurements with GPS coordinates on an SD card for the post-flight analysis and streams instant values to UgCS. UgCS provides accurate flight planning capabilities on low altitudes in complex elevations. The software provides an instant view with methane detections to a pilot and records Full Motion Video (FMV) with methane measurements.

UAV-based methane detection

DJI M300 has many advantages compared to M210. It has better endurance, greater take-off weight, and significantly safer, though still compact and portable,’ Alexei Yankelevich, Head of Software Development at SPH Engineering, comments. ‘We've carefully designed new mountings for SkyHub and Falcon, allowing us to use such cameras as DJI H20 and H20T together with a methane detector.

‘We have been developing R&D partnership with SPH Engineering since 2019. And we are proud to notice that our customers are satisfied with ‘drone + sensor’ integration solutions. Pergam Falcon is the last generation of product line for UAV sensor. it is the lightest sensor on the market which helps to increase flight time. Some of the advantages include easy installation and the ability to power from any source,’ Simon Neverov, Head of R&D Department at Pergam Group, adds.

Earlier this year SPH Engineering successfully integrated DJI M300 with magnetometers and echo sounders adjusting mountings. GPR sensors are to be integrated in 2H 2021.

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