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Stand-alone stationary system for round-the-clock monitoring of the surrounding atmosphere for methane leaks
The LMS (Laser Methane Scanner) system is installed at the gas infrastructure facilities and determines lowest gas concentrations at a distance of up to 1 km.

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Gas Distribution
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Gas Compression
Transportation Gas Tanker
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LMS advantages
Ideal solution for areal facilities
24/7 control
The LMS system is designed to provide continuous monitoring of the methane level in the surrounding atmosphere. It can control any territory in a fully autonomous mode.
Smart scan
With LMS, you can pre-program the scan route by key points at the facility. This completely eliminates the situation where important infrastructure facilities do not fall into the control zone.
Rain and dust protection
All external units of the LMS systems are protected against dust and water. This eliminates possible influence of external weather factors (rain, snow, sandstorm) on the system.
How It Works?
The area is scanned automatically with a programmed path. The system operator can see the facility scanning process on the monitor at the control panel visually in real time.

If a leak is detected along the scanning laser path, the system records this fact, gas concentration at the leak, leak coordinates and time.

System behavior at the time of leak detection can also be programmed — record data and continue scanning, send a message to the duty control panel, or stop scanning and turn on the alarm. These actions can vary depending on the threshold leakage concentration.
Demonstration of the LMS operator software interface
for big areas (up to 1 km radius)
LMS mini
for small areas (up to 600 meters radius)
Always in service
LMS is a high-performance automatic scanning complex designed to detect methane leaks at areal facilities.

LMS features
  • Fully stand-alone system;
  • Real-time measurements with data storage;
  • Range up to 1 km;
  • Programmable facility scanning algorithm;
  • Can be installed anywhere using a telescopic mast.
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More in small
Junior representative in the line of stationary Pergam scanners. LMS mini is designed to monitor leaks in small to medium sized areas.

LMS mini features
  • Fully autonomous scanning system;
  • Range — up to 600 meters (with retroreflector);
  • Three-spectral design upon request (with IR module);
  • Programmable facility scanning algorithm;
  • Can be installed anywhere using a telescopic mast.
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Honest answers to important questions
Can a methane detector detect other gases?
No, each device is designed to detect a specific gas. This provides a 100% probability of leak detection of methane and not any other gas.
Is laser radiation hazardous to the eyes?
Laser radiation is completely safe, it corresponds to class 3R.
Does the remote laser detector work at night, in rain, fog and snowfall?
Yes, the instrument works in all weather conditions.
Do I need to calibrate detectors before commissioning?
No. The detector contains a reference cell with methane inside and calibration is performed at each start-up and during operation.
Why is a laser detector better than a common sniffer?
It works remotely. There is no direct contact with the hazardous environment.
What is the maximum range of area inspection with LMS?
Direct range of the LMS laser detector is 150 meters; 60 meters for LMS mini. This distance can be increased using special repeaters to 1,000 meters and 600 meters respectively.
Can the detector detect methane through glass?
Yes, because glass allows the transmission of infrared radiation.
Does the device have an explosion protection certificate?
LMS mini is ATEX and IECex certified. LMS is only available in a conventional enclosure without explosion protection.
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