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LeakFinder App

Multi-purpose Android application for gas leak inspection recording and reporting, and gas leak detection quantification
The LeakFinder app allows you to simplify the process of searching
for natural gas/methane leaks using laser detectors and makes it possible to quantify the detected leak.

suitable for
Laser Methane mini (LMm BE)
Handheld laser detector for fast and safe detection of natural gas/methane leaks at a distance of up to 30 m
Highly sensitive gas leak detector back-pack system for walking and vehicle surveys
Laser Methane Smart
Next generation LaserMethane & Inspection Management Service assists you to manage leaks
How It Works?
A new approach to gas leak inspections
and quantification
Adjustable Gas Detection Alarm Levels
You can customize the alarm levels for the concentration of methane and ethane (with the SELMA Duo detector) sensed.
Display view
The display shows real-time gas concentration (ppm) and leak rate (L/h) data during the inspection.
Alarm and Quantification
When the sensed gas concentration exceeds the alarm level, an audible and visual alarm is triggered. The display shows information about the magnitude of the leak.
Meet the extended Quantification mode
for LMm BE and Laser Methane Smart
Cost-Efficient Quantification for Any Laser Methane Mini (LMm BE) Handhelds.
Get an actionable flowrate from just one pass of the laser through the leak gas cloud.
Detected leaks data with information about the route is recorded in the device's memory. You can take a photo of the leak that will be attached to the report.
Data export
Records of discovered leaks can be shared with others, as well as sent to the system or email via WiFi.
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