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Handheld laser detector for fast and safe detection of methane leaks at a distance of up to 30 meters
Coming soon! Laser Methane Smart – the Next Generation of Methane Gas Detector
The LMm (Laser Methane mini) is designed to remotely detect methane, as well as other gas mixtures containing methane (natural gas or similar gases). It allows to quickly and safely find the point of gas leakage by pointing the laser beam at the studied area.

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Gas Storage
Gas Distribution
Gas Distribution
Gas Processing
Gas Compression
Gas Distribution System

Underground Gas Storage

Gas Distribution Station

Gas Processing Plant

Gas Compression Station

Gas Storage

LMm advantages
Convenient for regular inspections
Ideal for Outdoor Use
Easily spot the measuring point — even under strong outdoor sunlight with the green laser pointer's excellent visibility.
Intrinsically Safe
LMm utilize the green laser pointer, and can be used in the following areas: Zones 1 and 2 for city gas, coal mines and other hazardous areas.
Compact Design
Superior portability for its small size with a long-lasting battery. Pocketable for work clothes and convenient for carrying.
High Durability
Solid, dust-proof and splash-proof construction for use in harsh environments. Easily maneuverable — even in cramped places or on a ladder.
Connection with Android Devices
Wireless communication is enabled when an exclusive application is installed on an Android device (SA3C32A-BE only).
Handheld Grip
This handle for the Laser Methane mini is the ideal accessory to make long walking surveys more comfortable (optional).
How It Works?
The measurement principle of this equipment uses the characteristics of methane, which absorbs the laser beam (infrared rays) of a specific wavelength (infrared absorption technology). The laser beam directed at targets such as gas piping, the ground, overhead pipe, etc., will reflect back a diffused beam from the target. The device will receive the reflected beam and will measure the absorptivity of the beam, which will then be calculated into methane column density (ppm-m).
Everything you need is always at hand
  • Heavy-duty Transport case
  • Rechargeable Spare Battery
  • Handheld Leak Survey Directional Grip
  • Universal 12V vehicle adapter / power inverter 12V DC / 115 V AC / 250 Watt
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